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"Nrneni" Multifunctional Center


During its activity ”Mission Armenia” NGO, consistent with its vision and goal, given with the need and necessity, has created, implemented and developed a comprehensive model comprising diverse infrastructures for the provision of community-based social-healthcare services, which the organization continuously develops and enlarges adding new infrastructures.

One of important infrastructures of “Mission Armenia” NGO is social services multifunctional center “Nrneni” functioning since 2007, which for the first time in the RA has introduced an entirely new social services provision model of social housing with supportive environment. It has particular importance as it’s designed only for one social group, for the elderly without shelter.

The building consists of 2 functional parts:

  • A housing complex
  • Complex for social-healthcare services.


A housing complex comprises 30 apartments (3rd and 4th floors): 28 apartments for the elderly and 2 apartments on each floor for a socially vulnerable young family with many children and for a single mother, which live with the elderly to help them in various everyday matters.


  • Provide long-term housing in supportive environment.



  • Vulnerable elderly, families with many children, single mothers without permanent shelter.



  • Psychosocial support
  • Care services
  • Nursing care and other services
  • Arrangement of leisure time.


Multifunctional center of social-healthcare services provision is designed to provide various social-healthcare and household paid services (1st and 2nd floors), the profit gained from which is used to cover the expenses for the use, maintenance of the building and other current issues, as well as for free services provision.
The center has a bathroom, hairdressing saloon, elderly care center.
Skilled and experienced specialists of the elderly care center provide proper 24-hour care both in the center and in elderlies’ homes. The elderly are provided with food (three times a day), they are under constant care of caregivers, also some events are held in order to make their leisure time valuable.